Monday, June 30, 2008


First of all, I just want to thank everyone that has reached out to our family during this horrible time of loss we've experienced. We appreciate all the things that have been done for us - please continue to keep us all in your prayers. It still just doesn't seem real!

So, Mom ended up going on her trip to London and had as good of a time as she could have. I know she's glad she went. She got back Monday evening the 16th and we drove in that evening as well. Wednesday morning she drove us to the airport and took the kids back home to keep them while we were in Mexico for Carl and Jaime's wedding. Mark and I got to Ft. Lauderdale no problem and had lunch and got on the plane heading to Mexico and I thought I would call and check in on the kids one more time. Mom was hysterical - Courtney was in the hospital and they were talking about taking the baby possibly that night. This was happening as the door to the plane was literally closing....we got to Mexico and I called to see what was going on. Long story short - Courtney was rushed to Dallas Thursday morning and got to the hospital and they decided that in order to save her life and Hunter's life they needed to take him soon. Hunter Ruston Knight was born June 19th around 10pm. He was 3 lbs. 1 oz. but was breathing on his own. Check out Courtney's blog at My Mom left Friday to be with them and Chris and Melanie ended up with our kids - by the way, we owe you!!! Needless to say, our relaxing trip to Mexico wasn't relaxing at all (except for our hour long massages on the beach)!

The wedding was nice and Carl and Jaime seemed to have a great time. There were 53 people that went to celebrate with them. The resort was really nice and if you want to know how nice Mark and I thought it was, ask us about it.... We really enjoyed hanging out with Bill and Diana - Bill is Mark's longtime and childhood friend from Maryland. It was so nice to get back to our kids though!

We got back Tuesday the 24th and Mom got back from Texas on that Thursday. Friday we drove to Wedowee, Alabama and moved some of our things out of the lakehouse and closed on it that afternoon. It was harder than we thought it would be - Ethan and Nina LOVED the lake and I know that we would have had a wonderful time there this summer...but it wasn't meant to be. We retrieved all of Poppa's Coca-Cola items as well as some other personal things - packed everything in the trailer and the back of Mom's truck and our truck and headed out.

This week we're just getting some things done around here. Mark and I are looking forward to running the Peachtree on Friday. Mom is going to the parade with the kids and then we'll all eat at Partner's and go to the fireworks. I can't believe it's almost July!!!

Please continue to pray for baby Hunter. He's doing quite well, but is having a few setbacks. Nothing too major, but it still worries Courtney and Landon and my Mom. Mom will drive to Memphis with us Saturday and then on to Texas on Sunday to spend time with them. Enjoy these pictures from June. Thanks again for all your thoughts and prayers for our family!

The El Dorado Royale - view from the lobby Mark and Bill hanging out in the poolI spent my time at this pool and it was so nice! There were beds all around the pools, but it was really hot inside the beds, so I mostly stayed in these lounge chairs in the water
Mrs. Noble and Mrs. Chedester poolsideAt the rehearsal (minus Jaime)
Bill and Diana at the rehearsal dinner
The big day - Beth and Lindsey, Jaime's sisters, helping her into her dress
The wedding location
After the wedding
The photographer had us hang out here for our group shots after the wedding - this was only half the wedding party
Carl and Jaime at the reception
Mark and Mandy at the reception - yes, I know I had a little sunburn....I wore 30 SPF and this was literally after about 20 mins. exposed! I did not intend on that happening!
The reception
Mark quickly made friends with Tom - his wife was one of Jaime's bridesmaids. Tom is a pilot for the Air Force, so they had a lot to talk about instantly!
This was probably the most fun we had....Saturday, we went with Bill, Diana and Mrs. Chedester to Coba, a Mayan ruin. We climbed to the top of this pyramid and the views of the jungle beneath were incredible. I was so glad we did this!!!
Mark thinks this picture is just hysterical. Yes, this is me at lunch one day and yes, I did order the wrap and the pizza, but not the hot dog. What you're not seeing are the nachos that I had already eaten! It was all-inclusive you know?!?!

Bye Bye Mexico!Playing in the trailer before we started loading everything into itThe view of the lake from my parent's back porch
Mark trying to talk Ethan into jumping off the dock

Mark and Ethan jumping off the dock
Mark and Ethan coming up - and Ethan immediately wanting to go do it again and again...

This is how I enjoyed the lake! Nina loved it too - but was a little curious as to what kept nibbling at her legs. The fish loved her little legs and I kept watching them swarm around her. It didn't bother her though.
Poppa would be SO happy to know how much Ethan loved the lake!! Poppa loved the lake!!Nina's newest trick - she will find any pair of shoes and puts them on her hands and crawls around. Go figure!
One of our new normals...
Ethan has had so much fun playing in Poppa's trailer since we got back from the lake. So much fun that Mark hasn't put it up yet! We know Poppa would have done the same thing though!