Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fun Weekend

We had a nice weekend. The weather is perfect! Friday night we went to Harding Academy's homecoming via Memphis Pizza Cafe. It was a chilly evening - perfect for football! There is a huge hill next to the grandstand and last year Ethan sat on his bottom and scooted down the hill. The hill is covered with kids rolling, jumping, scooting, etc....this year, he literally went to the top and would run down it. I thought I was going to jump out of my skin! He loved it and was a mess when we left. Nina thought she was old enough to do the same and tried to get up the hill too. She loved dancing to the band and seeing Prowler the Lion. High School football is so much fun!

Saturday morning, dark and early, I met about 45 others at church and we went to Race for the Cure. I ran with my friend Kelly and we had fun together and finished the 5k in 33 minutes. We were both pleased. (And on a side note, I don't know when this has happened...but I used to do a 5k and be sore and almost not be able to walk the next day - now I really don't even worry or train for it, much less feel it the next day. I'm doing a half marathon in December....that won't be the case then! Sorry for the side note). Saturday was a gorgeous day outside and the kids had fun playing out while I was gone.

Sunday was our Neighbor Day at church. We had a lot of visitors and a wonderful dinner afterwards. After the evening service was our annual hot dog and chili dinner and trunk or treating. It was so much fun and both Ethan and Nina had a great time. Mark said Nina kept telling people thank you after they put candy in her pumpkin. She got some of those cheap googly eyed glasses and has really enjoyed playing with those. She'll put them on and shake her head back and forth trying to see out of the small holes. It's quite amusing.

This week we're going to the pumpkin patch with friends from church, Ethan's preschool Halloween party and of course the big event of the week...Nona's arrival and trick or treating Friday night. Oh, and the Auburn football game on Saturday - which, hopefully Auburn can show up and beat Ole Miss! Regardless, it will be an orange wearin week! Happy Halloween to all!!! I'll miss being on the court square, Melanie! Ethan and Nina with Keeley at the football game.
After leaving the football game, I thought it was a good idea to stop at Starbucks for a hot cocoa. There isn't a drive thru at this one, so Mark went in. Big mistake - it took like 15 minutes...and we were bored waiting for him, so I put the GPS on Ethan's window and he had a blast!

Where do we want to go, Mommy?
Ethan was very proud of himself that he got to have a sip of the $4 hot cocoa that took 15 minutes to make - it was yummy though!
Waiting for the parade of trick-or-treaters to begin through the gym - Ethan with Gracie and Sydney (Perry and Judy Baker's grandkids)
Ethan the Knight and Nina the Princess
Ethan and Gracie eating dinner before trunk or treating
Nina and Keeley
Nina was very pleased that she got this sucker before dinner
The kiddos watching some of the older kids in their costumes
Nina and her funny glasses
Sunday nights have become interesting in our house - a couple of weeks ago I recorded the season premier of America's Funniest Home Videos - Ethan was literally belly laughing and it was so much fun to watch him now he watches it every Sunday night. It's hilarious!
Mark wearing Nina's glasses
Nina laughing at Mark wearing her glasses
No caption needed....
Cheese! When Nina sees the camera, that's what she says now. Too funny! Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fun Times...

It's hard to believe Halloween is next weekend! Ethan had preschool pictures last week - Mark said I dressed him like he was going to a polo match. Whatever. Tuesdays at the zoo are free for TN residents, so we went last Tuesday. We haven't renewed our membership yet, so we thought we'd take advantage of a free day. Anyways, we went with several from church. It was also Shelby County Fall break - so the zoo was a ZOO. It was ridiculously crowded, but the kids had fun. We have a great zoo and always enjoy going. Nina's favorite words lately are "Whoa" and "Wow" so she kept yelling those and pointing when we got there. It was hilarious. We also went to Macie Mae's 4th birthday party on Saturday and Ethan got to wear his Halloween costume. Last night we went to see Madeleine play soccer and then to Booya's for dinner. This weekend we're going to Harding Academy's Homecoming Friday, Saturday is Race for the Cure and Sunday night at church is our Trunk or Treat. Next weekend Nona is flying in for Halloween and to keep Nina while we go to the Auburn/Ole Miss game with the Maunds. Busy busy! Ethan before heading out to preschool - new haircut and polo clothes (according to Mark)

Ethan has this incredibly sharp memory - but of course when it's shaved ice, who can forget? We always get a shaved ice by the elephants - it's the only $ we spend at the zoo, but it's a great $3 spent! Today was peach (orange) picked by Ethan. It was yummy!
Of course, it was 85 degrees that day, so we had to pull summer clothes back out! Shaved Ice was a must!!
Charlie, Macie, Ethan and Nina watching the sea lion show
Ethan playing inside the eggs in the petting zoo area

Macie and Ethan watching the flamingos
Ethan in his knight costume Nona brought back from her trip to England this past summer

Macie, Ethan and Ivy enjoying cake and ice cream
Nina and Mr. Marion at Madeleine's soccer game

Kathy's sister in law made this dress - isn't it so cute? I bought it a little big so she could wear it 2 years
Do you know who this looks like...... Charlotte - look at my mom's baby pictures and you'll see it too!
So after seeing this post, Mrs. Kennedy found this picture of my Mom and her brother. Can't you see the resemblance too? Somehow Nina got Nona's blond curls! Thanks, Mrs. K for pulling this picture out, scanning it and sending it to me! Here I am Mommy!
Ethan and Nina laughing at Daddy
Ok, so I've been on this "I can do this" kick lately - I stayed up late the other night and this was my first attempt at sewing pants for Nina. Don't look too closely, they might fall apart if you stare too hard! Ethan told me that Ro Ro is a good sewer, but I need some help! Thanks, son!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ethan and Nina Update

Not too much has been going on here...well, we're busy as usual, but nothing out of the ordinary. Ethan is back into the swing of things with preschool. The first day back (after our beach trip), Mark took him and was standing out in the hall waiting on Ethan to decide when he was going to go in the classroom...and one of the other Moms told Mark that her little boy has been praying for Ethan - and they are friends because they cry together at preschool. She told him, well, why can't you be big boys together and not cry at preschool. Austin told her that it's more fun to cry together. We also found out that day that 3 other boys were fit to be tied that Ethan was gone for a week and a half. Every day they kept asking where he was and when he was coming back. How sweet! I don't think I've posted this before, but when he first started preschool, he cried as soon as I put him in the room. But after about 10 minutes he was fine. After that first day, Ethan became close friends with the Director, Mrs. Whiteside. They are best buds! She lets him come to her office mid morning to call me, just to check in and say hi. Now it's habit to call me, but it's about a 10 second conversation now. Once he's there, he loves it! While he's gone from the house, it's strange. Nina is SO quiet without her Bubba here to bother her. She will go into another room and just sit and play without making any noise. She is walking everywhere now and prefers to walk over crawling finally. She is talking a lot too and it's so sweet to hear her babble. Enjoy the pictures and Happy Fall!

Nina LOVES Mardi Gras beads. On a recent trip to Garden Ridge, I got her a pack - the best $2 spent in a looooong time!
Like I said, she's quiet. She had been playing with my bracelet and all of a sudden I didn't hear her anymore and walked into the room and found her like this. Chef Ethan making something yummy in the kitchen Funny bath time hair

Ethan and Nina in their Halloween pjs
Nina very proud of herself!