Friday, August 28, 2009

Move Over David Beckham...

Ethan had his first soccer practice tonight. He loved it! There are 10 kids total on his team (only 3 girls).... Gracie, Macie and Nathan (from preschool) are all on the team too. They all seemed to have a blast tonight and they, of course, were all so cute!
Gracie is standing in front hugging her pink ball and Macie is in the back with her pink bow
Ethan ready to show Coach Baker his mad skills

Ethan and Nathan goofing off while Coach Baker is getting the rest of the team ready to see if they can pass a ball around the boys
A much needed drink break

I love Macie and Gracie's expressions!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

What your Mom doesn't know, when it happens, won't hurt her...

As some of you know, we have friends here in Memphis that have airplanes. Mark goes out to the airport every chance he gets to hang out, fly, help out, etc....Well, since my birthday was this past week, Dave told Mark to bring me out so he could take me flying in his little aerobatic airplane. I have never done anything like this, but knew I'd love it. I, of course, was not prepared....I kind of remember Mark telling me to change shoes, but was thinking sippy cup, snack, diaper (for Nina, not me), so didn't change shoes. I had on flip flops! I ended up wearing Mark's tennis shoes - my feet are big, but not man size I felt like a clown! Regardless of the shoes, it was a fabulous ride! Dave is an amazing pilot! As soon as we took off, he had us in tight turns and a low, high speed fly by over the taxi way (right over Amy). The airport is close to downtown Memphis and right off the Mississippi River, so he took me over the River and over creeks - below the tree line low. It was so cool! Then he climbed up to altitude and started doing barrel rolls and all this totally cool stuff - taking the plane straight up and then turning and coming straight down....I know my Mom is cringing right now.....thus the title of this blog! She, up until this point, didn't know that I went up! But, I came back down....had a fabulous time....and want to go back!!! Thanks, Dave for a great ride!!! Heading out to meet Dave at the fuel pump....old school style!

Jay getting me in the parachute

Ok, I've got my parachute and clown shoes on....ready to go!

HOT shoes!

Ok, hurry up before I change my mind!

As we were sitting at the fuel pump, he came in to refuel....Ethan and Nina loved this!

Ok, we're in and ready to roll!

And we're off!

Jay, Amy, Rocket and Nina waiting for us to come back

We're back - and I didn't lose any contents of my stomach!

Where are my flip flops?!

One of the coolest, most generous guys I know - and a great person to be friends with ;-)!!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Ethan's First Day of Preschool

Ethan started preschool this past Wednesday. There are 16 little kiddos in his class this year and 2 great teachers. He is also playing soccer and has informed us multiple times that he will play soccer, but he can't go to preschool too - like his social calendar is full or something?! Anytime we even spoke the word "preschool" he started giving us fits and I thought to myself, "oh no, it's going to be horrible!" So, we had been talking it up with him for several days. I had recently made a tshirt for one of his good friends in Georgia, so he requested I make one just like it for him to wear on his first day. Our power went out Tuesday night after I had done the alligator but before I had done his name - luckily it came back on and I was able to finish it. Wednesday morning he woke up and we did our thing, got him ready and I took him to preschool. As soon as you walk through the double doors, the director, Kim, is standing there to greet every kid and parent. If you remember, Ethan became fast friends with Mrs. Whiteside last year because she would come and get him every day to let him call me just to "check in" at home. That stopped within a month or so, but I thought that we might be heading that direction again this year. She immediately dropped to her knees and threw her arms open for Ethan to come running into them for a huge back to school hug. He just stood there and looked at her and then slowly inched into her arms - had this look like, "I'm too cool to hug you Mrs. Whiteside, but I'll do it anyways." It was hysterical. I walked him to his classroom and he looked inside, kind of hung on me but then walked in and never looked back. Whew! Let's hope this Monday when he goes back, will be that easy, or easier! As a first day of school treat, we took him bowling. That was so much fun! Even Nina had fun just running around and eating Skittles. So we're back into the swing of the routine around here - that is, until we go to the beach!!!

Ethan ready to go to school!

Mark picked him up that day and I asked him to take a picture - he let Ethan choose his favorite spot in the room and this is what he wanted. They had to bring a stuffed animal to meet the class mascots - Darcy the Dog and Kasey the Koala. It should be an interesting year!

Nina and her Skittles at the bowling alley

Bowling was a hit and he says he wants to go bowling everyday after preschool...

He was actually pretty good!

Uh, I think it might be time to go home...
I turned 32 on the 20th - man it stinks when you get older...birthdays just aren't as fun as they used to be. But I still had a very nice day - slept in a little, went to aerobics, ran some errands and had dinner and dessert cooked for me. Mark is fabulous in this department - always asks what cake I want and always delivers with an incredibly yummy cake! This year was the fail safe in our house...the Boston Creme Pie!!
Here's to another year!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

2 year old with a tude!

Nina has quite a little attitude on her....don't know where she got that from...
Ethan hasn't had any swimming lessons and is swimming all over the pool by himself. He loves swimming at Cathy's pool!
Miss Nina loves the pool too!
Miss Attitude in her "choo choo train" as she calls it

Ethan and Nina today after church
Nina did something funny this afternoon and I said, "Nina, you are so cute!" She then replied, "No, Mommy, I'm not cute yet....I'm not cute til I have my watermelon dress on...." Yes, it's pure drama around our house!!!