Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Nina is Pinkalicious

Nina is all pinked out for soccer! We went yesterday to Dick's to buy pink cleats, shin guards, ball and of course, pink Umbros. The guy that helped us didn't have shin guards (or shinneth guardings as Nina calls them) that fit her and asked if she would wear blue instead. I kid you not, she looked at him, put her hand on her hip and said, "no, I want pink." So her shin guards are a little big, but it saved quite a bit of drama, and of course made for a matching outfit. Now, game day is going to be a different story, especially if the uniforms end up being Tennessee orange, or something like that, but oh well, for now she's completely happy being all pinked out to play! So what if she doesn't score a goal, she's so dang cute, what does it matter??? Ethan isn't playing this season, but he went to her first practice last night and they played monster in the middle, and guess who was the monster? Yep, Ethan. He loved that!

If you will notice here, even the Umbros are a little big...ok, a lot big...but they didn't have her size and to save from a LOT of drama, I just bought big ones and pulled them as tight as they would go and roll the waistband. Didn't we used to roll our waste bands on our Umbros anyways? Oh wait, that was 1989, so never mind!