Thursday, August 30, 2007

Nina's Belly Kisses

Here is a video of Nina having her belly kissed...just wanted to test uploading video! Yes, Ethan is out of control in the background! Enjoy!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Big Boy Bed

Since we have gotten back from the beach, Ethan has slept in his crib once (and that was only because it was 2:30am when we got home so he was asleep and we just laid him in there). We put his toddler bed together and put it in his big boy room and he sleeps in there now. He loves it and has done really well. I was afraid that I would have to lay down with him and struggle with him to stay in the bed and that he would get up many times, far so good! He is really doing well with the transition. Here are a few pictures from his new room.
Today, I was in the office working and Mark had just gotten home. Ethan was playing and Nina was asleep upstairs in the nursery. Since we moved Ethan, I wanted to raise the crib mattress to the highest point again and put all her bedding in there. One of the screws was messed up, so we haven't put the mattress back in there. So Nina was asleep and I just laid her (on her belly) in the middle of the mattress on the floor. Mark heard her waking up and crying a little so he went upstairs and I followed....this is what we found....
Oops! At least it was just a small fall - and I'm not sure if she rolled off or just scooted off.
Obviously she is fine and I went to get the camera! But this is the kicker...I said to Mark, "at least it wasn't off our when I let Ethan fall off our bed." And then he admitted to me that he had let Ethan roll off the changing table! Don't you wonder sometimes what our husbands don't tell us until months and possibly years later?!?!

Vacation 2007

Before our vacation is too far behind us...I wanted to post some more pictures. We had a wonderful week in Hilton Head with Pa, Ro Ro, Carl and Jaime. The weather was awesome - it was actually cooler at the beach than it was in Memphis! Not one drop of rain and we enjoyed every day. We had great food this year (like past year's as well). Mark and Mr. Noble played golf twice and had fun. We shopped a little, but not much because we all wanted to be on the beach! Ethan LOVED the water and playing in the sand and had no fear of the water at all. By the middle of the week he didn't even want his vest on in the pool and was doing quite well. Ethan and Nina both enjoyed having many arms to hold them all week. Ethan tried to move in on Jaime...but Carl wouldn't let him! We had many discussions about the upcoming wedding and we are all looking forward the big day. They have decided on a destination wedding - so now they are in the process of figuring out where - we're excited to have that vacation to look forward to in Spring/early Summer 2008!

Vacation is always such a nice time...coming home and unloading and getting back on schedules...well, that's a different story! We went back to Georgia on Saturday for Allie's 4th birthday party. That night we went to Papsitto's for my party with all our Georgia friends and had so much fun! We started our drive back to Memphis Monday night about 8:30 - and rolled into town around 2:30 (Central time) am....what a long night! We're going to try and go to Maryland in September with a stop in Newnan for the Fair. But for now, we're glad to be home!

So this picture might need a little explaining....this shovel (or "killer" as we all called it) was a purchase from a yard sale by Ro Ro...the sand is SO hard in Hilton Head so she thought this might make it easier to dig holes for our umbrellas, etc...she was even unsure of what Pa would say about hauling this "killer" to and from the beach, so she took it to Carl and Jaime's and had them bring it with them - although I'm not sure if they really knew it was in their car. The "killer" was the joke of the week for sure! It did dig a nice hole though! I think it was a prop from The Sopranos...I'm convinced it's killed a time or two! (Picture courtesy of Jaime)

Ethan in his hole that Daddy and Uncle Carl dug with "killer" (Picture courtesy of Jaime)

Nina taking her nap on the beach inside her tent

Ed and Randi talking to Nina at Papasitto's

I drove from Papasitto's back to Nona and Poppa's we stopped at The Varsity!

Ethan LOVES to ride Poppa's tractor - and this trip has learned to start it all by himself!

These are pictures leaving GA heading back to Memphis! I don't think we could have put anything else in the truck with us....yes, that is a turtle sandbox in there!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

It's here...

I'm officially 30 and a day old....why is this "day" getting to me all of a sudden? It didn't really hit me until we were at the beach last week. I don't want to be 20 again. I don't even want to be 25 again. I like who I am right now so much why is this bothering me? I suppose so many wonderful things happened to me in my 20's. Hmmmm....I met Mark. I got my pilot's license. I graduated from Auburn. I was a flight attendant for Delta. I lived in New York City. I went to Istanbul, Athens, London, Paris, Zurich, Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Bogota, Lima, Tokyo, Hawaii, (just to name some of my favorites) and pretty much all the places in the US that Delta flies. I got married to a wonderful man - a man that knows how to bake! I lived in Texas (not something I wish to do again). I flew to Brazil twice with Mark to take delivery of a brand new airplane and fly it back to the US (stopping in St. Maarten and Aruba). I moved to Newnan, where I grew up (and wish I still lived there). I had a baby boy. I became a stay at home mom. I moved to Memphis (yes, I was still in my 20's when I moved...). I had a baby girl. I have formed relationships in my 20's (started earlier than that though) that I will have the rest of my life and I am so thankful for that. See, the 20's were great! I guess that's why I'm kind of sad to leave that decade - so many wonderful things happened during those 10 years. Ok, I guess I'm over it now - look out 30's - I've got a lot to do to top everything that happened in my 20's!! Goodbye to some of the best years of my life...hello to even better ones!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

30th Party at the beach

Here are some pictures from today...Nina made a short appearance at the beach this afternoon (only to have a dirty diaper and immediately have to return to the house). This evening before dinner we took Ethan and Nina back down to the beach to try and get pictures of the 2 of them together....TRAIN WRECK! We got a few good ones of Ethan, but as soon as we put Nina in his lap he would push her and she would start crying. I should have known when the dress didn't fit over her big head anymore and we cut it a little (Mrs. N is going to sew it back up) just to get it over her head, I shouldn't have gone down with them. Anyways, maybe we'll try again tomorrow. Mark slaved all day long in the kitchen making my birthday cake. It's a peanut butter cake with fudge filling and cream cheese frosting with crushed butterfingers on top - 3 layers!!!! It was yummy!!!

It looks like "30" has gone straight to my boobs!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Fun at the beach

We're at the beach with Mark's parents for the week. The kids are doing great and everyone is having a wonderful time! Here are a few pictures so far.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Heidi x 2

Ethan loves going to Poppa's bank and everyone at the bank loves seeing him. Up until we moved, we made weekly trips to the bank, so he's quite familiar with the ins and outs. He pushes the handicap button by the doors to get in and out of the bank by himself and has been doing this since he could walk. Once he goes in he makes his rounds starting with the teller line to get suckers. Heidi (Little Heidi) loves on him and gives him suckers as soon as she sees him. He loves her! All the girls eat him up and he thinks that is just wonderful. Then he heads back to Poppa's office stopping along the way to greet anyone else that he passes. He has treats in Poppa's office as well and sometimes they scam bubblegum out of Mr. Barber's over priced bubble gum machine. Poppa usually takes him on the elevator, which Ethan knows how to operate, to see everyone upstairs...including Heidi (Big Heidi). She has a box of toys in her office for customer's kids, so she gets on the floor with Ethan and plays with him. She is wonderful with Ethan and he just loves her to pieces. He also goes and gets animal crackers from the other ladies in the operations area - he has everyone stopping to talk to him! Lately he even says prayers for the 2 Heidis! The bank is on Ethan's mind a LOT!

The other day we went to the front door and there was a box for Ethan from the 2 Heidis. They sent him all kinds of wonderful goodies - including suckers, lots of suckers! Ethan was so excited and has had a wonderful time playing with all his gifts from Big Heidi and Little Heidi. They put a picture of themselves together in the card they sent and Ethan has been hugging it and talking to them in the picture (which I thought was so sweet). He's so excited that we get to go to the bank this week and see both Heidis!

Thank you Big Heidi and Little Heidi - we love you!!!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

They are ALWAYS watching...

So...Ethan wanted to bake cookies the other night to take to Macey's house for our playdate. I was feeding Nina and the cookies were ready to take out of the oven, so I put her down, took the cookies out and came back into the family room....this is what I found...

I'm not quite sure when this started, but Ethan has been wanting to sleep with anything and everything he can get his hands on before getting into his crib. The other day he woke up early from his nap but was still sleepy, so I asked him if he wanted his books - now he has to sleep with "Green Eggs & Ham" and his Elmo doctor book. And of course, Myrtle the Turtle is with Ethan at naptime!