Sunday, March 28, 2010

Trip to Maryland

For Ethan's Spring Break we flew to Maryland. The weather was perfect - warm and sunny and Spring was in the air! We had such a great week and did a lot of fun things! We have a friend here at church that is a Secret Service agent and a few months ago he sent of request for us for a White House tour and a Capitol tour. It's great to have some connections! Our Capitol tour was with our Senator Bob Corker's office. One of his assistants gave us the tour. His office building is across the street from the Capitol, so we actually got to ride the underground subway from the Senate office building into the Capitol. It was neat and there was a lot of positive and negative buzz around the buildings with the health care vote about to happen. We did get to meet our Senator and he was very nice. The new visitor's center inside the Capitol was very nice! Ethan, of course, just wanted to go back to the Air and Space Museum....

Friday was our White House tour. We were all really excited! I hadn't been inside since the 3rd grade. Of course the kids were thrilled and kept their eyes out for the First Dog, Bo. Once inside, Ethan asked one of the agents in the Green Room where Bo was....she told him that we had just missed seeing him outside for his walk. The kids were so heartbroken! It was really gorgeous inside and was just neat to be in the house where so many important people had also been. We walked down the hall and stood in the exact spot that the President and Vice President stood just 2 days later speaking about the health care bill. We really enjoyed seeing people coming in and out of the White House again and we were thrilled to have that experience ourselves. After leaving The White House, we walked over to the American History Museum - my favorite. It has recently been overhauled and the changes were very nice. It was a perfect day to be in the city!

Enjoy the pictures of our wonderful visit! Nina and RoRo at the Science Center in Baltimore, MD
Ethan and Mark playing at the Science Center
Astronauts RoRo and Ethan
Mark and the kids at The Inner Harbor in Baltimore
Air and Space Museum
We were a week early for the Cherry Blossom festival....but there were several that were already in full bloom in the city and they were gorgeous. This is one through a window at Air and Space

Making our way to the Capitol

Ethan outside Senator Bob Corker's office
Standing in the heart of DC for good luck - inside the crypt room in the Capitol.
The Rotunda
Outside The White House

RoRo didn't plan on matching us....but of course, I planned it! I had asked Mark to wear his pink shirt...but didn't tell him what we were wearing. He didn't put it together until we were already in the city, thank goodness! I thought it made for a good picture and that's what mattered!
Having lunch at The White House
Yes, they still fight in front of The White House

After our tour - we couldn't take cameras inside, so this is from my phone

Reward for behaving inside The White House - they were both so well behaved!
This is not my picture - taken from the American History website. This is the new Star Spangled Banner exhibit. It was very moving! It's very dark and all that is lit are the lights on the floor. The flag has been in renovation for almost 7 years and last year was placed in this display. Worth going to see!

As soon as we started walking to the museum, Nina passed out
First Lady Obama's inaugural gown - my favorite exhibit at the museum!
I don't know if I had a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes, if I would have given them up - although I'm sure this isn't her only pair!
Ethan had gotten a few new airplanes at the Air and Space, so I took Nina into the gift shop at American History to pick something out. Of course she spotted a stuffed animal that was First Dog Bo and wanted it immediately. Well, Ethan wandered in and found us and of course HAD to have one too. I said no. RoRo bought them both Bo dogs - they LOVE them!

On the way back to the car, we were almost back to The White House and heard the motorcycles coming and soon realized "someone" was heading our we stood by to watch who it was -Vice President Biden was heading home. It was neat to see his motorcade.

Ethan took this picture of Nina
Ethan took this picture of his new A380
The kids with Uncle Carl and Aunt Jaime
On the way home, we got in First Class. This is how Ethan enjoyed his first First Class ride
This is how Nina enjoyed First Class!