Monday, June 22, 2009

A Crepe A Day...

I thought it quite fitting to start my blog about our trip to France with food. Those that know me know that I don't miss a meal...and know that I love to eat! This trip was no exception! Our food was all good - nothing exceptional, but nothing inedible either. We were on our own for lunch and most days us younger chicks would just grab a sandwich (or as I called it, a baguette) and just walk around. When we left Paris for the countryside and beaches, we didn't want to miss a thing...and didn't want to sit down and eat a meal at a restaurant.

The first night in Paris I decided that I must have a crepe a day! I almost made it - 2 days I didn't have a crepe. I had other yummy things though! This creperie below was in the Latin district in Paris - the Mont St Michel area. We all loved this area and were there several times. This guy made the best crepes any of us had the entire trip! We started and ended our time in France with him! He told me that he went through 500 jars of Nutella a day. Mark still doesn't believe me on that one, but that's what he said. You should have seen the Nutella stacked up on pallets in the back - unbelievable! A dream for me....! I still don't know how I lost weight on this trip! I hope you enjoy looking through some of the "food" pictures I took - I took quite a few. If you're not hungry now, you will be in a few minutes....Bon Appetit!

La Mere Poulard is a restaurant and hotel at the entrance to Mont St Michel in St. Malo. The restaurant dates back to 1879, and is known for the wall of autographs from over a century of famous diners, which includes Ernest Hemingway. They are most famous for their giant omelette's, which are several inches thick. They are made in hand hammered copper bowls, and cooked over an open fire. You can walk into the entrance of the restaurant and almost into the kitchen and watch them mix and cook. It was quite amazing. Oh, and the cost for one of these traditional omelette's....30 euro....which is about $45!

This was our lunch the day we spent all day on the D-Day beaches. We sat on the wall of the beach in Arromanches and ate a cheeseburger and fries...and they had free wi-fi so I was able to facebook. It was a great lunch!
Wouldn't it be amazing to just walk into this place and grab one of these to take home for dinner?
Mom, Cleo and Faye enjoying their seafood lunch in the adorable city of Honfleur
I pretty much lived off these....

Anna Reid's incredible choice!

Several of us ordered this yummy dessert. I don't know what it was, but it was fabulous!
Girl's Nite Out in Caen - you would have thought that we were 16 again....our Moms were all in the lobby of the hotel making sure we knew where we were going and asking us what time we'd be back. I'm sure they thought we were going to get in some kind of serious trouble! They were probably right in thinking that....

Sitting down for lunch in St. Malo
Cathy's yummy pizza!

Our last day in Paris - Leslie, Julie and Savannah having lunch at a little cafe...not a care in the world!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Home from Paris!

I am home from a fabulous trip to France! Words cannot describe what we did, what we saw and how much fun we had. Pictures will not do everything justice. I took 1100 pictures and have uploaded them and am trying to edit some. I haven't decided how to blog about the trip yet, so you'll have to keep checking back to see some tidbits.