Monday, March 23, 2009

March Fun

March has been a busy month - I don't know why I even say that because every month seems to be busy. We started with the huge snow in Memphis and that was fun, but I was so glad to see the last part of that melt. Spring is in the air (along with pollen) and it's so nice. The kids are loving playing outside as much as they can and are shopping for a playground for our yard, compliments of Pa and Ro Ro. I ran my second half marathon last weekend. I was a little nervous because I was running by myself - last time I had a girlfriend from church run with me. But this was a small race and there were no rules against ipods, so luckily I was able to have that get me through. I finished 10 minutes faster than my time in December and that was after Mark had given me strep throat the week before, so I was pleased. I've got one more in April in Nashville and I think I'll be done until the Peachtree in July.

This past Wednesday, I packed up and headed to Chicago with my friend Mitzi Baker, her Mom, Vicky and friend Angie. They have a friend that is a producer at Oprah, and he got us tickets for a taping. They have been several times before - Mitzi's Mom and Dad were there for the red show with Bono. How cool! We got up early and took a taxi to the studio. There were 2 tapings that day and we were the afternoon taping, but we had to be at the studio no later than 11:30. We were there at 10:15. Once we got inside, they took our phones and cameras and we went upstairs to a holding room. Finally they started calling groups down to the studio to seat people. The studio is, of course, incredibly nice and actually large. We had great seats and saw ourselves on one of the monitors several times, so we'll see if we made editing! Once we were in the studio, there were staff members making sure everything was perfect before Oprah arrived. They were playing loud, energizing music to get the audience going. Finally they started talking to us and told us that it was going to be a great show - Dr. Oz and Michael J Fox were the guests. We were all excited - how can you not love Michael J Fox?!?! Of course, we would have loved to have been the recipients of a new car....but we were given something that was intangible and it was fabulous! All of a sudden the music got quieter and everyone was running around saying she's on her way...and out she came. It was really exciting to see her in person. I've watched her show off and on - not a huge fan or anything, but it was fun to see her and see the show being taped. Of course when Michael came out everyone went crazy - but it different because it was emotional too. Anyways, the show was great! Right now it's scheduled to air March 31st.

That night we had tickets to Mary Poppins - another great show! The theater was gorgeous and the play was fabulous! By the time we got back to the hotel, we were exhausted! Friday morning we got up and got dressed and hit Michigan Avenue - which was half a block from our hotel. We literally shopped all day long. It was a lot of fun though. Our weather was perfect - locals kept saying it was a heat was in the high 40s and low 50s during the day. By the time we left Saturday, our coats were not needed at all.

Mark had the kids while I was gone and did a wonderful job, of course. They went to the park, played outside, Chick fil-A with Mark Baker and the kids. He cooked dinner and I even came home to a completely clean house! Yes, I've got it good and I know it! Now, when I got home around 1:30 Sunday morning, Ethan was up waiting on me! Well, he was actually waiting on his presents. It was rather funny, but nice to have him excited to see me. We had the best time and it was so nice to get away for a few days but wonderful to come home! The snow fort that Mark and Ethan made with Jackson and his cousin - this was day 3 of the snow too...I can't imagine what they would have made the first day!
Finally it was warmer outside but Nina wanted to wear her hat

A few things I did for a lady at church to give at a baby shower
Cute appliques on onesies that I did for the same shower
Nina and Ethan watching a little tv
Ethan and Nina after church

Arriving in ChicagoThis is Jenna, a friend from Auburn. She now lives in Chicago and is a pilot for the Wrigley Company. She met us for dinner our first night in town. It was good to catch up with her!!! Mitzi and Miss Vicky outside Oprah's studio

The 4 of us before Mary PoppinsInside of the Cadillac Palace Theatre - it was gorgeous!
This was inside each bathroom stall in the American Girl store

This church was in the middle of all the tall buildings on Michigan Ave and it was so pretty
So cheesy - but Mitzi made me pose....Matt (my boss) gave me a Tiffany's gift card for Christmas, so I went shopping!
The Wrigley Building - this was our view across the river from our hotel

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow update

We ended up with anywhere from 8 inches to a foot of snow. In some places in our yard, it was so deep it went past my knee and up my leg. It was crazy! We went over to Donnie and Cathy's and played outside for a little while. Now we're home, fed, warm and dry and heading for naptime! What a way to say Spring is around the corner!

Ready to go play!

Mark had to leave his car out last night because I had left the Jeep and all the toys out....he might had difficulties getting to work like this!