Monday, April 26, 2010

Recent Happenings

Easter has come and gone and Spring is here! My Mom was in town for her Spring Break and that was nice. Mark and I celebrated 8 years of marriage and since Mom was in town, we spent the evening downtown Memphis. I've always wanted to stay at The Peabody, so I booked a room there and we went to dinner downtown and had a nice evening. It's hard to believe we've been married for 8 years and have 2 kids!

The kids have been busy playing outside and just enjoying this nice weather. Ethan and Nina both keep talking about the beach though - we're all looking forward to that! Nina is almost 3 and has been potty was so much easier with a boy! She's been doing well though. When my Mom came a couple of weeks ago, she brought my old "big girl bed" (I called it "antique old bed") and we're having it fixed for Nina. Today, I got the big idea to go ahead and put her in the toddler bed. So Ethan and I moved it into her room and she loves it. Now, we're only one day into it, but so far she took a great nap in it this afternoon and tonight she went to bed just fine. There are lots of changes going on for her....panties, big girl bed, about to get rid of pappy (just has it at nap and bed)....and she's finally down to 1 nap a day. Yes, my child is almost 3 and would still take 2 naps a day if I would let her. I love this child!

Ethan is down to his last 4 weeks of preschool and I'm a little upset about it. We've made some great friends and it's just hard to believe that his 2 years of preschool are over and in August he'll be going every day, all day. We're all looking forward to the summer break!

Enjoy the pictures! Ethan and Nina on Easter morning
I thought this was funny - Nina is just a ham in front of the camera sometimes!

The EB brought MORE stuffed animals....just what we needed....

Miss Drama Queen....loving my sunglasses!

It's just hard to believe this one will be leaving me everyday next year! He's so sweet (when he wants to be!) And I should brag on him here....I took him for his 5 year old check up 2 weeks ago. I had been dreading this one - shots, finger pricked, peeing in a cup, eye and hearing just wasn't going to be pretty. And I knew it. So I told him I scheduled the appointment and sure enough he started getting antsy....he said that if he didn't cry at all during shots I would take him to the toy store and get him a toy. "Absolutely, yes, Ethan!"...was my response. He said, "2 toys" ....."Yes, Ethan!" ....he said, "3 BIG toys"...."of course, Ethan!"....Mark was ticked at me for doing this. But I KNEW that there was NO WAY Ethan wouldn't cry at his shots. Well, we went to the dr. He was a little apprehensive, but no tears. The nurse came and pricked his finger. He did everything they needed him to do. The dr. came and went and all was fine. Oh, he's over 97% in height and weight and was perfect in everything else. The nurse came in with 4 shots and he started getting squirmy.....she asked him to lie down and he didn't want to. So he sat UP and NEVER flinched during all 4 shots. Not only was I impressed, but the nurse said she had never had a 5 year old sit up for kindergarten shots. Sooooooooo, we had to go shopping......I followed through on my word and I learned a valuable lesson.
Here's our little drama queen!!
After the storms came through this past weekend, it was like a completely different day. The kids loved jumping in the puddles in the cul de sac.
A rare moment when they weren't fighting or screaming at each other....

You know how when you put your kid's pacifier in their mouths for the first time and they are HUGE...and then all of a sudden they grow into it? Well, same thing with their Big Wheels, or as Nina calls it, her "wheel." Both my kids looked hilarious when they got their Big Wheels. My Daddy bought Ethan his 2 years ago at Christmas - Ethan was almost 3. He looked ridiculous riding it. Well, now he looks even more ridiculous. But he still loves it. And last year my Mom bought Nina her "wheel" for her birthday. I would keep telling Nina to say "where's the beef?" because she would look like the Wendy's lady in her big car at the drive through asking "where's the beef?". She was hilarious. Now they've both grown into (or out of) their Big Wheels and it kind of makes me sad. They both love riding their Big Wheels down our drive way into the cul de sac. I'm quite positive that our neighbors hate us because the one thing that Nina has seemed to inherit from me is my BIG mouth!

These eyes make me want to have another one......
Nina loves the toddler bed!

I've been hitting the Pottery Barn outlet consistently recently and found this duvet cover to go in our guest room for $22! I love it!
I've wanted a back splash in our kitchen since we moved in, so I finally went and bought the supplies and made Mark install it. It took him 3 days because he's so precise - but it's perfect and I love it! Spring projects are in full effect here!
Happy Spring!