Saturday, June 30, 2007

My child is a nut!!

Do you ever wonder why our children are they way they are? Mark and I constantly look at each other and think, "did we make him this way?" We also begin to wonder if sometimes we are the ones being nutty and he has just picked it up from that a good thing? We have always been silly with him and he's always been silly right back - I ate a lot of chocolate when I was pregnant with him and they say chocolate makes happy babies! He never ceases to amaze us - just when we think he isn't listening or watching, he mimics something perfectly. Ethan has become our source of entertainment. His expressions are priceless!

This is Ethan singing like "Coach" in my parent's kitchen. He is using one of Nona's cookbooks as his songbook... and yes, he is naked!

The first time I let Ethan lick the beater, I got the camera and took his picture - now everytime we make cookies or a cake he has to lick the beater and he looks at me and says, "get camera, Mommy, right now, take picture."

Ethan was a little irritated that Daddy took the phone away to finish the conversation with RoRo, so he found another phone (along with the base that hadn't been plugged in yet) and put it in the swing with Nina.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

So you're going to blog too?

Ok, so I finally decided to get into this blogging thing - are you happy Randi? I just decided that it is time that I branch out and discover the wonderful world of blogs. Mark laughed at me when I told him I was going to create a blog. I tried being creative and wanted to come up with a clever name for our blog. It was really late at night when I decided to do this...therefore my mom was of no help since she doesn't function after 9pm and Mark's suggestion was "How to spend your husband's money..."! This is why (for now) I'm going with the obvious. I hope that this will be a good way for all our friends and family to keep up with what is going on in the Noble household. Enjoy!

We have just returned back to Memphis from a week in Georgia. Ethan went swimming everyday and loved it! Both kids are incredibly spoiled when we visit Nona and Poppa. We all enjoyed seeing our friends and already miss them! Mark was only able to stay a couple of days due to his work schedule, so I flew back (this time without any problems) to Memphis with Ethan and Nina. What an ordeal it is to get through the airport with 2 kids by yourself. And it's so much fun trying to find a somewhat private spot to nurse a baby...thank goodness for the end of Concourse E before the international flights are scheduled to go out. Ethan was so good - he loves airplanes and just soaks everything in. 2 year olds are amazing! So we're back in Memphis for just a few days and then it's back to Atlanta (someone has to drive our truck back). Mark and I are running the Peachtree Road Race July 4th.

So that's it for first post! I will post some recent pictures of the kids and what's been going on around our house. Oh, for all you Carl and Jaime fans...THEY'RE ENGAGED!!! That's been our big news lately! More on that in the near future!