Thursday, February 28, 2008

Backhoe Fun!

Today was a fun and exciting day for Ethan! Cathy took us to Donnie's shop where he was "working" with this big Backhoe. At first Ethan didn't know what to think, but once he got inside with Mr. Donnie and they started digging, he was in heaven! Every once in awhile Ethan would turn around to make sure we were all watching him and we could see him talking...there's no telling what all he was saying. Tonight he told Nona and Poppa all about his big adventure - he said, "I got to ride in a unbelievably big huge backhoe with Mr. Donnie! It was unbelievable!" (That's the first time we had heard him use the word unbelievable, so it was pretty funny). So tonight, as I'm sitting here posting these pictures, Ethan is playing with his backhoe and skid steer! Boys!

Thank you, Mr. Donnie for letting me move some dirt with you! I want a backhoe!!!

Of course Nina had to climb into the backhoe and check it out too!
Ethan and Cathy inside the "dumper thingy" (as Ethan calls it)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday Ethan!!!

Today is Ethan's 3rd birthday. It honestly seems like yesterday we were in the hospital holding him for the first time. Where in the world does the time go? He is such a joy to be around and is such a fun child! It's amazing to hear what comes out of his mouth - you almost want to hold your breath sometimes...Mark and I love to watch him play and this age is so wonderful because their imaginations start to explode! We have had the best 3 years with Ethan and hope and pray we have many many more!

We had such a good visit this past weekend at Poppa and Nona's house. Pa and Ro Ro drove down from Maryland and spent the weekend with us as well. It was nice to have all 4 grandparents together and we are so blessed that everyone gets along and enjoys each other's company. Ethan and Nina, of course, loved having many arms to hold them and play with them! We went to Partner's Pizza for Ethan's party and had so much fun. He enjoyed opening all of his presents and has had fun playing with his new train table and train set since we've been home. Since Allie and Melanie were sick, we didn't get to see them and they didn't get to come back to Memphis with us, which was a HUGE disappointment. But we hope they can come visit sometime soon and hope they are feeling better!

Enjoy this long 3rd birthday post!
After dinner at Papasitto's on Valentine's Day, Mark and I stopped at The Varsity to bring Ethan a chocolate milkshake AND a frosted orange! Nina got a hat (the next day)!
Ethan enjoying riding Poppa's tractor - looking cool in his shades!
While we were at Photographic Concepts for Nina's 9 month pictures and Ethan's 3 year pictures, he saw a pic of a little girl and her violin. I told him that I used to play the violin and it was at Nona's house beside the piano....needless to say he wanted me to show it to him and show him how to play it. Hopefully one day he'll play the violin too!
Nina waiting patiently to hear which pizza we're ordering
Nina not so patient anymore...she wants that pizza!!! Ethan had a great time playing the games at Partner's Pizza
Playing on the golfcart bridge after dinner
Opening presents....a HUGE jar of Nutella - one of Ethan's favorites!

No, this is NOT Ethan's newest addition to his closet....Nona didn't mark which presents wrapped from Mud Pies were for Nina or Ethan opened a white dress.

The cake - before Ethan
Ethan thought it was a "great idea" to drive the trucks through the icing on top of the cake
Blowing out his 3 candles
Notice the major tire tracks through the icing
Birthday boy with Poppa and Nona Birthday boy with Pa and Ro Ro Birthday lunch at McDonald's

Nina loved playing with the balloons that had fallen Opening presents again - stretching this birthday celebration waaaaay out!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Monday, February 11, 2008

Nina is 9 months old!

Nina turned 9 months old February 8th. I can't believe she's 9 months old already! She is very social and loves to wave and pat whoever is holding her on their back. She is not crawling and for that I am very thankful!!! At her checkup she was 21.4 oz and 29 1/2 inches - 95 to off the chart on the growth chart. Extremely healthy and that is something we are so grateful for! Ethan will be 3 on the 19th....he is so funny and lately has decided that he wants big boy underwear on all the time. He's doing great with that....except will tell me when he wants to go poopie and he needs a diaper on - once I put the diaper on, he goes and then wants to be changed back into his big boy underwear. Whatever works for now is fine! He has such a funny personality - yesterday after church his Sunday School teacher told me that he said to her, Miss Berta, you're making me yawn!" And he yawned as he told her that - and then said, but it's ok, it's alright, I'm done yawning now....she told me that she was taking her time getting to him to say his books of the Bible - I guess he was getting bored. Too funny! She says every week he always comes up with something that makes them about wet their pants! That's my child! Enjoy the latest pictures of the kids taken yesterday when we got home from church. We're heading back to GA this week to celebrate Ethan's birthday. Pa and Ro Ro are driving in from Maryland for the weekend as well. We're leaving Sunday - Poppa and Nona are going to TX to visit Courtney and Landon and we're coming back to Memphis and the Kings are coming with us. We're excited about this weekend and next week!

Ethan in front of the magnolia tree Mr. Donnie planted for us

It's soooo hard trying to get good pictures of both kids at the same time! Ethan had already had enough and had told me so - you can tell Nina is clapping her hands and Ethan is moving his legs...both are a little blurry in those areas
Nina loved chewing on the precious bracelet that Denise and Megan had given her. She also loved waving that arm wildly because it would make the silver disk make noise (during church). So sweet and fun at this age!!!