Sunday, September 28, 2008

Coweta County Fair

The rest of our week at the beach was so nice. It was great going in September - cooler temps and not crowded at all. We left Hilton Head Saturday and went back to Georgia to spend some time with Nona. Mema came into town on Monday. That evening we went to the Coweta County Fair. If you haven't been to the Fair before, you must go! Everything is so clean and the people are so friendly and nice! Melanie, Allie and Avery joined us - it's been traditon for them to go with us for the past few years. We all had a wonderful time! It was a little different for us this year, obviously, but we still had a great time knowing that Poppa would have been there with us (and paying for everything too....).

Now we're back in Memphis and getting settled back into a routine. While I love being home with Mom, I'm glad to be back "home" again.

Ethan and Nina in Harbortown before dinner
Ro Ro with Ethan and Nina at sunset
Ethan playing on the tree house after dinnerNina and Mommy joined in the fun - I used to play here when I was little! Free entertainment - Ethan and Nina both loved watching the washing machine
On the way back to Georgia - had to open the Skittles rather early in the trip....Nina was happy!
We have Skittles????
Ethan Sunday after church
Ethan leading singing in Nona's kitchen
Ethan, Allie and Avery on the firetruck at the Fair
Ethan crash landing down the slide - he and Allie could have stayed here all night long!
How funny is this picture!?!

Allie and Ethan on the helicopters
Ethan driving the girls around
Check out these smiles....
Nona and Mema taking a break with the kids
What do you mean I can't ride??
Nona giving Nina her first taste of cotton candy
LOVED this HUGE John Deere
This year they had another petting zoo - with kangaroos, llamas, camels, goats and other fun animals. Ethan loved feeding the llama! (The Llama Llama books are his favorite...thanks Randi)
Nina and her friend Jackson looking at the kangaroos

A fun night at the Fair
Mema and Nina sitting on the front porch watching Ethan and Daddy riding Poppa's tractor
Nina had fun sitting on the steps watching for them to come back in the yard

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Beach

We are in Hilton Head for our annual beach trip with Mark's family. This is much later in the year for our trip, but with the wedding in June and baby Hunter's due date in August, we decided to come to the beach in September. The weather has been perfect - not too hot, but still hot enough! Mark was expecting golf rates to be lower...only he found out that this past Monday the rates went up as the golf season started. We've had a great time so far. Here are some pictures - but more will follow, I'm sure!Ethan and Nina after church on Sunday - we thought pink for Miss Paula without knowing everyone was wearing pink that night.... Pa and Ro Ro with Ethan and Nina before heading out to dinner on Monday

The newlyweds....Jaime's birthday too

Nina loves the beach!

Ethan digs and digs and digs

Well, that's all for now. I'm sure I'll try at least one more time to get some better pictures of the kids on the beach. It's not as easy as it looks! I'm glad my job isn't taking pictures of children! I'd be poor!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Sunday isn't Sunday without....

...gashing your head open at church! Ethan tripped and fell after church - hit the corner, or some part of a chair in our lobby. All I know is I was talking to someone and one of my friends tells me Ethan is bleeding bad in the bathroom. He was pretty upset, but once there was no talk of the hospital or a doctor, he settled down. One of our friends glued him back together yesterday afternoon and then last night Cathy glued him some more.
Miss Nina all proud of herself walking! She still prefers to crawl, but is really starting to get around! For some reason, this big bow today made her a little feisty - almost Nellie Olson like! It was funny!