Sunday, May 30, 2010

Nina turns 3!!

So after I uploaded all these pictures, I realized that they are out of order. Oh well. Nina turned 3 on May 8th. We drove to my Mom's house and spent the weekend. It was a packed weekend full of dentist visits, haircuts, pedicure, 5 year and 3 year pictures of the kids, tractor rides, playing outside, birthday cake, presents, yummy food and Mary Poppins. Ro Ro flew down from Maryland to spend the weekend with us. It's just so hard to believe that our little Nina is 3! She seriously is a complete MESS, a huge riot and just a blessing to us! With the "real" Mary Poppins after the fabulous show!

Nina enjoying her birthday brownie and ice cream at Papasittos
Ethan in the birthday sombrero
Nina loved having the servers sing to her!

Obviously Ethan did not want to have his picture taken....silly boys!
Ro Ro and Nina
Nona and Ethan
Ethan always goes and gets a ball of dough before it goes into the tortilla maker - this entertains him for HOURS!!

Nina ready to open presents!

For Ethan's 4th birthday, Nona and RoRo were in charge of buying candles....they "accidentally" purchased trick candles, therefore making it a tradition for both of the kid's birthdays. So Nina is waiting for the candles to re-lite, again.
Getting a little help from Bubba
Oh yea, Mommy remembered to get trick candles....

Happy Birthday, Nina!!