Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hilton Head 2009

We met Mark's parents, Carl and Jaime in Hilton Head a few weeks ago for our annual beach trip. Every year it gets better and better....but I think this year topped them all. The kids being a little older was a plus for sure! This year we were in a house that was huge and had our own pool. That was so nice! The weather was fabulous - no rain and still very warm temps, but not July/August hot. The kids absolutely loved the ocean - the rougher the better! September was just the best time to go to the beach!

Ethan and Nina had breakfast out by the pool every morning with Ro Ro. Oh the life!
Happy Birthday Pa!

Ro Ro took the kids up to the fire station at the front of Palmetto Dunes one morning. They were there for a long time and the kids loved it. Then Ethan had to go back later in the week for one more visit.

Ethan and Nina with Uncle Carl and Aunt Jaime before leaving for dinner and putt putt

Thursday, October 1, 2009


So, once we left Paris, each little town we toured became an instant favorite. The Normandy region was incredible and full of quaint little towns that I long to visit again. This afternoon, Eric took us to a cheese factory....we could have done without this part of the tour. But, it was a means to an end. We endured the arrogant French cheese maker for awhile, and then took off on our next adventure. Eric had us walking through this field (pictures below) and we had no idea where we were going....kind of thought at one point Eric didn't know where we were going either. Anyways, all of a sudden we popped out on this path walking along the cliffs of Etretat and they were breathtaking. This was an intense walk up and down this path - with cliffs on one side and fields and a gorgeous golf course on the other. The water was gorgeous, the sky was gorgeous and it was just an incredible afternoon. The pictures just don't even come close to showing how beautiful this area was - you must go and see for yourself! The cheese maker's house
Faye Roberts with the goats

Starting our walk to the cliffs
And we're still walking...
And we finally made it!

Cleo (my roomie) in front of one of the famous natural made arches

Finally the town is in view! Notice the church on top of the hill - if you go back up to the picture of Faye with the goats, you'll notice the same church...and you can get a little idea of how far we walked that afternoon


There's so much to catch up on....I still have TONS of France pictures to share, as well as many other things we did this summer and our recent beach trip. Anyways, here are a few pictures from the cemetary in Normandy. It was an incredible experience to be there - just days after the 65th anniversary of the invasion. I am so thankful that this area of France was on our trip and that we were able to go and experience this place. You must go!