Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Traditions that will be hard to end...

I know things change constantly in life...but some times those changes are just really hard. There are 2 things that I have a feeling might change for me in 2011 that I will have a hard time stomaching. 4th of July and Santa. My dearest, best friend in the whole wide world is moving across the whole wide world (or just the US) to California. Chris, her husband, is actually already there and Melanie is moving with the girls at the end of January. We've done so much together in the past and 4th of July and our yearly visit with Santa are 2 of those things that I look forward to so much each year. This year they might be different.

Here are some pictures from 2010 4th of July and our Santa visit. Some precious memories!

Getting ready for the parade
The kids having fun playing before the fireworks

Nona with Ethan and Nina
Walk across the golf cart bridge
All 5 kiddos

Ethan and Nina talking with SC
This year we were able to get all the kids with Santa and I love it! Ashton was NOT happy - but that's what makes it even better!
I love Santa!

Melanie and I always stop in the main area of Phipps to get pics of the kids - usually hoping to get our xmas card pic - it's generally the most chaotic time I've ever experience and I love every second of it. We usually end up breaking a sweat before it's all said and done. I think this picture is hilarious because of Nina, Avery and Ashton...hilarious! And then there's sweet and somewhat grown up Allie and Ethan who are FINALLY doing what they are told to do - look at the camera and smile!

Sweet life long friends!!!
Standing in line to ride The Pink Pig

Riding The Pink Pig!
2011 will be an interesting year - maybe the 4th of July and Santa tradition will be able to continue...but if not, we've had the best time in the past years doing this together and I will never forget these memories we made!!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Beach 2010

I have been HORRIBLE with I'm trying to get caught up. We enjoyed 2 trips to the beach this past summer. The end of June we went to Grayton Beach (inbetween Destin and Seaside) with my Mom. We stayed in a charming cottage right behind our dear friends the Hallfords. It was during the oil spill, but we didn't see any tar on the beach at Grayton. The weather was awful, due to the tropical storm that went to TX, but it was still an incredible week with great food, great company and we were at the beach....nothing could be better than that! Then in September we went to Hilton Head with Mark's family and had another fabulous week at the beach. As I'm writing this, it's January (obviously) and my hands are freezing....the beach sounds fabulous!
Nina and her favorite Mr. Norman!
Swimming in the Hallfords pool

I think that's Nina on top of this huge sand hill on the beach - supposed to guard the washout
Mr. Norman's beach truck
The Red Bar - one of our favorite places to eat!

Nona and Nina dancing in The Red Bar
Partners in crime Sydney and Gracie were also at the beach that week - we met up with them for shaved ice in Seaside

Hilton Head - much different beach....
The kids with RoRo
Before dinner at one of our favorite places to eat - The Black Marlin

Ethan and his zoo
One of the many perks of going to the beach during September - NO ONE else is there. Ahhh, it's incredible!

Nina sharing a daquri with RoRo

Ok, I'm one caught up blog down, now how many more to go....?