Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ice 2010

Friday morning we started getting freezing rain/sleet/ice/snow...and it continued through Saturday morning. It was gorgeous, but when we went outside to walk over to Cathy and Donnie's, we quickly realized it was ice and not snow. It looked like snow, but it was like walking on a frozen pond - it kept cracking and finally our feet would fall through. It was crazy and the kids had an extremely difficult time walking through it. They did, however, have an absolute blast riding on Donnie's 4-wheeler and then sledding on a golf course nearby. Church was cancelled today but by the afternoon the sun came out and started melting the ice quickly off the roads. However, school is still cancelled again tomorrow.....ugh! Cathy giving Nina a ride
Nina's first ride...she didn't know what in the world to think!

Nina and Daddy riding again!

Taylor, Cathy's nephew, through the sandtrap
Nina and Daddy walking back up the hill
Mark giving us a big push
Mommy and Nina walking back up the hill

Ethan being fearless!

Ethan was literally he is jumping a sandtrap on the golf course. He loved it the higher and faster he went!

Daddy and Nina riding again

Nap time

Monday, January 25, 2010

Magic Kingdom...late night

After Animal Kingdom, we had dinner and took Nona and Nina back to the condo. Mark, Ethan and I headed out to the Magic Kingdom. They were open til 2am...I think we made it til almost 1am and just were exhasted. We had so much fun and Ethan loved every second. On the tram heading into the park. Just a little excited..
2nd time in 1 day seeing Mickey and how times have changed!
Late night visit with Mickey and Minnie Mouse
Ethan taking Daddy for a ride
Riding the Astro Orbiter - SO glad we did this at night when there was very little wait. I would have been ticked if we had waited in the ridiculously long line during the day for this 30 second ride. Ethan enjoyed it though.
Riding It's a Small World - we were literally the only ones in our boat.
So gorgeous at night!

Snow on Main Street as we left the park that night (or morning)
We weren't even out of the parking lot and Ethan was already passed out!
Mickey Mouse rice krispie treat...$5, Ethan's ticket to Disney World...$275, Not having to put your child to bed because he's so worn out after a full day at the park...PRICELESS!

Animal Kingdom

Our first day at Disney was at Animal Kingdom. I don't think it was the wisest of choices....the kids were both kind of sick (colds) and weren't in the best of moods and they didn't understand why Dumbo wasn't there and kept asking when they'd see Cinderella's castle. It was a gorgeous day and we still had fun. The kids loved the Nemo and Lion King show and of course the Safari ride.

Nina felt horrible! But she was a trooper and we kept going!

We finished the Lion King show and were back at the character greet area. We stood in line for Donald Duck and were in line for Minnie Mouse. Ethan saw Mickey in the area next to us and wanted to go, but it was close to park closing time and they had already shut his line down. Ethan was not happy....the cast member you see standing behind Ethan came up to him and asked him what was wrong. He told her he wanted to see Mickey. So she took Ethan and Mark and walked them right up to Mickey Mouse and fulfilled one little boy's dream!
A very happy Ethan!